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Between Jewels and Children

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Being a parent is a true source of pride! As I see it, always wanting to place pictures of your kids on social media, your IPhone’s wallpaper, or your laptop desktop is just the tip of the iceberg!

(Not to mention having coffee with friends and automatically opening you phone’s photo gallery)

Whilst walking around with an exact miniature-of-your-kid-in-gold can be wierdish (My blog post on miniatures can be found here) the idea of recalling your parenthood through jewelry is quite common.  

Whither you chose to wear a little child figure around your neck, or an engraved ring with a child’s name – I love the idea! 

My tip on the whole ‘children and jewelry idea’? Whatever designs you set your heart on, make it a classic one. Chose a style you will forever love and cherish, just like those little cuties you have at home.


Dedicating this beautiful song to us parents:


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